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Welcome to the website of SOLAR PARK



- Solar Park Sp. of o.o. is part of a larger group of Solar Park, we come from the construction industry. We are associated with leading manufacturers of modules and accessories in the premium segment, as we focus on high quality installations to work at least 25 years in outdoor conditions and maintained for the duration high performance devices.

-Since three years we are preparing own photovoltaics farm projects.
For the first in Kostomłoty up to 4 MW obtained a building permit - created a company Target Solar Park Kostomłoty.

- Prepare design and performance farm ground and the roof for customers.

- We train staff in the installation and design module manufacturers in Germany, and will soon begin
   training of installers in Wroclaw and Warsaw.




SolarWorld photovoltaic - solar energy for the Vatican

vatikan-polenSince 2008, the Vatican put on clean solar energy. SolarWorld photovoltaic system produces environmentally friendly energy that can meet the current demand of over 100 homes.

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  SOLAR PARK - official distributor in Central and Eastern Europe.

logo_solarworldSolarWorld AG in just a few years, the company has become the concern of commercial solar energy industry, which is responsible for the entire production process - from the sourcing of raw material for the production of wafers, cells, modules and finished, high-quality solar installations.